Cassi O'Brien


Published Articles for Intelligentlabs:

Enjoy These 8 Guilt-Free Cocktails Without Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts!

If you ask a dietitian which drinks to avoid when you’re watching your weight, mixed [...]

Is Lack Of Sleep Making You Fat?

In this busy modern age, sleep tends to get tossed into the “luxury” category. We [...]

Want Muscle? Don’t Forget To Eat Your Yolks!

Eggs and muscle building have long been linked. Everyone is familiar with the cringe-worthy portrayal [...]

Want To Be Running Marathons at 100? Then Try Intermittent Fasting!

The thought of fasting is usually associated with religious rituals or unhealthy eating practices. It’s [...]

Danger in a Can: Are Energy Drinks Safe?

The traditional pick-me-up drink has always been coffee. It provides a quick wake-up and keeps [...]

Artificial Sweeteners: Safe or Toxic?

Over the recent decades, we’ve become more aware of the harms that come from consuming [...]

How To Stop Sugar Cravings For Good!

Many people have a sweet tooth. It’s almost impossible to not be fond of sweets [...]

24 Ways Omega-3 Can Help Improve Your Life

Omega-3 fatty acids have risen in popularity over the last few years, and it’s not [...]

Shall We Smoke Grass Or Take Fish Oil? Omega-3 And the Endocannabinoid System

Shall we smoke grass or take fish oil? Can omega-3 have the same healing effect [...]

Omega-3 for Dry Eye Relief

Dry eye is a painful and very irritating condition. The eyes sting, burn, hurt, and [...]

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