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Probiotics: The Ultimate Supplement Guide

complete guide to probiotic supplements

This Ultimate Probiotics Supplement Guide is designed to answer all of your questions about probiotic gut bacteria you may find in foods and supplements. The guide contains more than 50 scientific citations from highly reputable medical websites. We dug through heaps of scientific literature so that you don’t have to. If you still have questions […]

Thanksgiving Keto Cranberry Sauce

keto cranberry sauce is a perfect pair with turkey roast

It doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving until the cranberry sauce is served. This festive staple that goes so well with roasted turkey was introduced in the early 20th century when farmers began harvesting cranberries in bogs instead of dry-harvesting. Tangy with a hint of sweetness, this keto cranberry sauce will make your taste buds sing!

Can a Magnesium Supplement Boost your Brainpower?

magnesium supplement for brain function

Is there such a thing as a magic pill that can enhance your brain? Could magnesium really be the answer to enhancing brainpower? Take a pill and boost your brain? Hmm, I’ve seen Limitless, but that was a movie, right? Things like that don’t happen in the real world! Or do they? It’s no secret […]

Keto Chocolate Chia Pudding With Toasted Nut Crunch

This breakfast tastes so indulgent it’s hard to believe it’s nutrient packed and healthy! The creamy coconut milk balances out the rich bitterness of the cacao powder and you can adjust the natural sweetener content to suit your taste buds. Chia seeds are the main event here with their high protein and fibre content they are great to work into a keto diet.

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