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Preventing Traveler’s Diarrhea – Probiotics for Traveling

how to prevent diarrhea when traveling to exotic countries

Getting a Traveler’s Diarrhea when you travel abroad is a common occurrence with up to 12 million cases reported a year. Heading to some areas of Africa, Latin America, The Middle East, and South East Asia can see tourist incidence rates of GI problems hit 50% or more! (1-2). Luckily for most of us, it’s […]

Omega-3: A Future Treatment Of Parkinson’s Disease!

A couple studies have highlighted the neuroprotective properties of omega-3 when it comes to PD. While more research into the issue is needed, a few of the results seem promising. They suggested that omega-3 could protect against both dyskinesia and bradykinesia, and the study participants showed improvement with these symptoms. This level of protection will not stop the symptoms from forming over time, but it is suggested that omega-3 could delay the onset of the symptoms for patients in the early stages of the disease. Another study found that omega-3 also protected against the death of the neuron cells that synthesize dopamine, and concluded that omega-3 has the potential to be used as an “add-on” treatment for PD.