The Best Tasting Keto Chicken Recipes

Written by Angie Arriesgado
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Chicken meat is a true crowd favorite. It fits into pretty much any kind of healthy diet, including keto and low carb diets. It’s extremely versatile and tastes amazing whether you sauté, fry, grill, barbecue, roast, bake or cook it any way you like (just please DON’T undercook or eat it raw)! As fellow keto fans, we’re pretty sure you’d welcome variety to your keto lifestyle. So, we’ve compiled this mouthwatering list of low-carb keto chicken recipes especially for you!

But first, an important fact about keto chicken recipes…

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that chicken is naturally delicious and healthy. And with each keto chicken recipe containing only 3-7g net carbs per serving, it’s easy to think you can eat more than 1 serving. But please refrain yourself from doing so.

Why? Because chicken meat is rich in protein. When you eat too much protein, you risk letting your body convert the excess protein to carbs. This process is called gluconeogenesis and it is bad news for anyone on keto. Gluconeogenesis can swiftly kick you out of ketosis!

With that in mind, please do enjoy these keto chicken recipes. And don’t forget to leave a comment below what you think about these dishes – and what your favorite is!

Keto Chicken Curry

keto chicken curry - one of the tastiest keto chicken recipes for you

Recipe Summary

DifficultyCategoryPart of chickenYield (servings)Prep time (mins)Cook time (mins)

Nutrition Summary

CaloriesFats (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Net carbs (g)Protein (g)

Here’s one for the ethnic cuisine enthusiasts out there – a keto version of your favorite chicken curry dish! While curry may have originated in the Indian subcontinent, it’s beloved all throughout the world. There are literally thousands of different curry recipes! That said, thanks to its popularity, you’ll find plenty of ready-made curry powder or sauce to cut down your cooking prep time.

Of course, for us keto folks, taking a shortcut and buying ready-made sauces is often not an option. But don’t worry, we’ve made this dish easy enough to prepare! Get your mortar and pestle ready to ground the chili, ginger, onion and garlic together (or use a food processor if you have one). This will form the base for the sauce along with turmeric powder and lemon zest.

You only need 5 minutes to prepare everything and cooking time is just another 25 minutes. So, all in all, you’ll be spooning some of this delicious keto chicken curry in your mouth in as little as 30 minutes!

Here are a few tidbits about turmeric, the main star of curry dishes:

Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Its healing reputation go back for centuries – it’s been used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine to treat pain, inflammation, and stiffness. Modern studies also show that turmeric reduces inflammation associated with arthritis, so if you feel an attack coming on, whip up this dish ASAP!


If you’re not a fan of curry, but still want to reap all the health benefits of turmeric/curcumin, check out our Meriva Curcumin Phytosome supplement. Each bottle contains 120 soy-free capsules which is enough supply for 2 months. It’s like eating turmeric every day straight for 60 days but WITHOUT the curry!

Keto Mushroom Chicken

recipe for keto mushroom chicken

Recipe Summary

DifficultyCategoryPart of chickenYield (servings)Prep time (mins)Cook time (mins)

Nutrition Summary

CaloriesFats (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Net carbs (g)Protein (g)

Chicken and mushroom – two important ingredients in keto recipes. We’ve mixed these two beloved keto stars in one amazing, simple, low-carb dish! And the result? A decadent dish that’s rich in selenium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, zinc, folate, magnesium and potassium.

At only 7g net carbs per serving, this is a great keto and low-carb dish for lunch or dinner. Preparing and cooking this won’t take you more than half an hour, so if you’ve got guests over, you’ll have plenty of time left to entertain them.

It’s deceptively simple looking, but when you finally get to taste it, we promise you’ll be craving for more! The spices used – garlic, onions, parsley, pepper, chili flakes – will all leave an impact on your taste buds.

This recipe is designed to make 2 servings, but it’s so creamy and delicious, you may be tempted to eat the entire thing yourself (but please don’t). Two servings will only have 14g net carbs and 80g fat, but it will also have 76g protein! It’s best to save the extra serving for lunch the following day if you have no one to share it with.

For an ideal balance, we suggest making some nice green salad on the side. Rice will also go along perfectly with this dish, but since it’s not keto-friendly, freshly-cooked cauliflower rice is the next best thing. It will absorb the heavy cream from the keto mushroom chicken and make the entire meal super delicious!


Keto Spicy Chicken Alfredo

recipe for keto spicy chicken alfredo

Recipe Summary

DifficultyCategoryPart of chickenYield (servings)Prep time (mins)Cook time (mins)

Nutrition Summary

CaloriesFats (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Net carbs (g)Protein (g)

The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think of alfredo is the smooth, creamy sauce and the familiar, cheesy aroma. Fortunately, fat, heavy sauces are not a problem in the keto world. In fact, it’s very much welcome. Keto isn’t just about getting the lowest possible carb intake, it’s also about getting the most of your daily calories from fat.

What makes this recipe special is the fact that you’re actually getting a pretty good balance of fat, carbs, and protein. As you can see in the nutrition summary above, each serving contains 33.95g fat, 4.42g net carbs, and 21.75g protein. If you’re thinking of getting the fat content up, you can leave the chicken skin on and add a few slices of bacon to the mix!

For this keto dish, we’ve used thyme to add flavor and depth to the creamy sauce. And, of course, chili pepper flakes to take your mouth on a fiery adventure. Do feel free to add or reduce the quantity of chili flakes as you see fit.

One of the main things that truly contribute to this special alfredo dish is the fact that you only need to use one pan to sauté the chicken and spices, as well as make the creamy sauce. You can literally see all the different flavors just coming together nicely in a single pan!

This dish is perfect for anyone new to keto – it’s beginner-friendly and can be done in 30 minutes. This is a no-fuss, tasty, nutritious dish that will keep you full for hours. And if you want to play around with the recipe, try adding broccoli, cauliflower or some other low-carb veggie for additional flavor and texture.


Keto Oregano Chicken With Crunchy Slaw

recipe for keto oregano chicken

Recipe Summary

DifficultyCategoryPart of chickenYield (servings)Prep time (mins)Cook time (mins):

Nutrition Summary

CaloriesFats (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Net carbs (g)Protein (g)

The main star of this keto dish is of course the oregano chicken, and the crunchy slaw and yogurt dip are the supporting cast. Eating the oregano chicken on its own isn’t a problem, but it’s quite boring to be honest. All you have to do basically is rub the olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper on the chicken, leave it in the oven for 30 minutes, and you’ve got your chicken ready.

So, while waiting for the chicken to cook thoroughly and make the skin extra crispy, make good use of your time by working on the crunchy slaw and yogurt dip. These two side dishes won’t take very long, maybe 10-15 minutes max.

For the slaw, it’s important to prepare the cabbage beforehand to ensure it’s clean. The outer cabbage leaves are edible, but they’re also the most exposed to dirt. You can wash it, of course, but since they’re also quite thick and fibrous, we recommend you use the inner leaves instead to make your keto crunchy slaw. Slice into thin strips along with the radish, fennel and celery and mix well with the dressing.

As for the keto oregano chicken’s yogurt dip, use full-fat Greek yogurt as it’s naturally thick and creamy. When combined with oregano, cucumber, and mint, you’ll add a nice, tangy flavor to your chicken!


Keto Chicken Fajita Bowl

recipe for keto chicken fajita bowl

Recipe Summary

DifficultyCategoryPart of chickenYield (servings)Prep time (mins)Cook time (mins)

Nutrition Summary

CaloriesFats (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Net carbs (g)Protein (g)

If you love Mexican food, you’ll absolutely love this keto version of good, ol’ fashion chicken fajita. Of course, traditional recipes usually require the fajitas be spooned onto a tortilla or a similar wrap, but today, we’re trying out the bowl version.

Cooking this chicken is quick and easy, so it’s perfect for busy people on the go. Prep time is just 10 minutes and cooking it will take another 10. Sautéing is the mode of cooking used for this dish, so you’ll have all the flavors nicely meshing with each other on the cooking pan. Once it’s done, you can either eat it on its own or with cauliflower rice and some avocado to get the fat content up.

If you’re thinking of getting more than 1 serving, please don’t. As you can see in the nutrition summary table, a serving of this keto chicken fajita contains 53.8g of protein. That’s a bit on the high-end for one meal, so you need to watch it. Otherwise, your body may go into gluconeogenesis and kick you out of ketosis.

That said, if you’re thinking of going the traditional tortilla way, you can make a batch of keto-friendly tortillas, these are usually made from almond flour or coconut flour. It won’t add a lot of protein or carbs, but it will make you feel as if you’re eating traditional fajita.

Whether you decide to eat your keto chicken fajita in a bowl or with a tortilla, we promise this recipe is versatile enough to be eaten either way!


Oven-Fried Keto Sriracha Buffalo Wings

recipe for oven friend keto sriracha buffalo wings

Recipe Summary

DifficultyCategoryPart of chickenYield (servings)Prep time (mins)Cook time (mins)

Nutrition Summary

CaloriesFats (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Net carbs (g)Protein (g)

Chicken wings are the perfect part for this dish. The fat in the wing skin will absorb the flavors and every bite will be a delightful balance of fat and protein. To keep the carbs as low as possible, we won’t add what regular buffalo wings recipe call for – wheat flour or breadcrumbs. Instead, we will use baking powder which has 0 calories, fats, carbs, and protein. When rubbed with salt on the chicken, the baking powder will turn the skin a nice golden brown in the oven.

But if you’re up for experimenting, you can coat the chicken in keto-friendly almond flour instead of baking powder. You can either make your own almond flour or buy a bag from the grocery. However, for this oven-fried recipe, the chicken skin turned out crispy with the baking powder, so we saw no need for the almond flour.

This keto sriracha buffalo wings recipe is really quite simple to make. If you’ve ever cooked buffalo wings before, you’ll be doing almost exactly the same thing – evenly coat the chicken and bake until golden brown. Then just toss the baked wings in the buffalo sauce, which is just a simple mixture of butter, sriracha and hot sauce.

As for the spiciness, you can turn up the heat if you like. Feel free to add more than a quarter cup sriracha and hot sauce. You can also add cayenne pepper for a fiery party in your mouth!


Chicken and Keto Spinach Artichoke Dip

recipe for chicken and keto spinach artichoke dip

Recipe Summary

DifficultyCategoryPart of chickenYield (servings)Prep time (mins)Cook time (mins)
BeginnerLunchBreast (fillet)41010

Nutrition Summary

CaloriesFats (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Net carbs (g)Protein (g)

Chicken is good and healthy on its own, but when paired with our keto spinach artichoke dip, it becomes a mega nutritious dish. Why? Because spinach and artichoke are two of the healthiest veggies on the entire planet!

By now, you should already know chicken is rich in protein. But did you know it’s also a good source of niacin, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc? As for spinach, there’s a reason why Popeye loved it – it’s a superfood in the veggie world. For keto dieters, it provides important micronutrients you’d otherwise be missing out on. Artichokes, on the other hand, are also loaded with several micronutrients just like spinach. But it comes out ahead in terms of fiber and antioxidant content!

For the grilled chicken fillet, you don’t need to go overboard with the seasoning. A bit of salt and pepper will do as long as you don’t overcook it. Or you can do a spice rub using a mix of any of the following: garlic, paprika, chili, oregano, basil, thyme, lemon zest, salt, pepper, etc. But before you rub anything on the chicken, make sure the thickness is even all throughout. This ensures the chicken will be evenly cooked and the flavor will remain consistent on all sides.

That said, this chicken and keto spinach artichoke dip combo will be irresistible! It’s not only healthy, it’s also super simple to make. 20 minutes tops – that’s all you need for this deliciously filling dish. It’s perfect for lunch and since this recipe serves 4, it’s also perfect for sharing!


Which Of Our Keto Chicken Recipes Is Your Favorite?

We hope you love these keto chicken recipes as much as we do. Feel free to bookmark this page and come back to it every time you crave for some healthy, keto chicken dish. Let us know in the comments below which one’s your favorite!