Cool kids do CrossFit: 10 Surprising CrossFitting Celebs

Written by Neola Wilby
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CrossFit has swept the nation like a 90’s yo-yo craze. No longer confined to the garages and industrial back corners of the rebel few, it is officially, 100% mainstream and all the cool kids are doing it.

To prove it, we’ve put together this list of famous Crossfitters that might surprise you – it includes not only red carpet celebs but even strongmen and bodybuilders that you’d never guess love to beast it in the Box.


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Mark Felix is one of the World’s Strongest Men.
Known as the Benjamin Button of the Strongman world, in 2015 he turned 49 just two days before qualifying for the World’s Strongest Man and gets stronger every year.
The UK strongman athlete posts regularly on his Facebook page about his CrossFit workouts, proving that strongman and CrossFit really can co-exist.

Perhaps CrossFit is his secret to eternal youth… we’ll have what he’s having.


It seems that Channing Tatum of Magic Mike fame loves a bit of CrossFit too.

Voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Person Alive in 2014, Channing told the magazine:

I like to be lean…and when I’m not training, I get really round and soft.


The surfing sex symbol has been spotted doing suspiciously CrossFit-looking workouts with her athlete boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez. Flipping tyres, swinging battleropes and lifting Olympic bars. Just check out those delts of doom.

Cameron told Harper’s Bazaar:

Exercise for me is like eating, sleeping, and breathing. I’m consistent, and when I’m not consistent, it shows up on my body.


He does MMA for a hobby, spent 12 years on the GB diving team and does all his own stunts. Jason Statham is a man who loves to push himself to the limit.

That competitive, hardcore drive pairs perfectly with CrossFit and, sharing his “constantly varied” decisively CrossFit-style workout with, he described his workouts as (que Statham’s famous cockney accent):

Faking horrible, faking nauseating, faking murder, faking nightmare, and faking priceless.


“Brad Pitt in Fight Club” is often cited as the most desirable male physique – from both sides of the gender fence!

Brad reportedly loves short, high intensity CrossFit WODs because it leaves him with more time to spend with his family. Zero sign of the dad bod here.

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A number of CrossFit sites report that Damon used CrossFit to prep for his ripped rugby player role in Invictus. Certainly looks like the work of CrossFit to us.


Dana Lynn Bailey is probably the world’s most famous female bodybuilder.

The worlds of CrossFit and bodybuilding haven’t always seen eye to eye but Dana is on a mission to prove that “lifting is lifting”.

The IFBB athlete posts regularly on social media about her CrossFit work outs and is helping to break down barriers between the two disciplines.

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Dana Linn Bailey Facebook

Does this make it official now??… @mirandaoldroyd taught us kipping, butterfly pull-ups, clean & jerks, and handstand… Posted by Dana Linn Bailey on Friday, January 8, 2016


The Biggest Loser trainer just loves to CrossFit.

Jumping into CrossFit was like jumping into the deep end of a pool. These workouts are so compact. I used to do long sessions all the time, and my body started to get beat up. But with CrossFit, it’s almost like my body is finally getting a chance to rest while, at the same time, I’m pushing it harder than I’ve ever pushed it.

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Hunger Games actress, Elizabeth Banks, loves the multi-tasking of muscle groups that comes with CrossFit.

That’s what is great about CrossFit, the philosophy of it: work everything at once, cross train your body, fire all your muscles.


The son of Black Sabbath frontman, Jack Osborne, started CrossFit training after he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012. Since then his Twitter and Facebook accounts have been jam packed with CrossFit hashtags.

Ok, crossfit killed me. I can barely walk. I’M DYING!!!

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Did we miss anyone? Are there any other CrossFitting celebs that we should add to this list?