Keto Valentines Dinner Ideas (From Appetizers To Drinks)

Written by Angie Arriesgado
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Love is definitely in the air with Valentine’s Day just around the corner! This year, Valentine’s falls on a Monday, which isn’t ideal as most people’s workweek do start on Mondays. We know it can get pretty busy, so we’re sharing these keto valentines dinner recipes that you can make in 30 minutes or less. Let’s make cupid proud, shall we?

Keto Valentines Appetizer Ideas

To help get you in the mood for a lovely dinner, we’ve prepared these keto-friendly appetizers:

Option #1: Keto Caesar Salad (20 mins)

keto recipe caesar salad

Healthy, tasty, and easy. This caesar salad recipe takes a mere 20 minutes – from boiling the eggs to sauteing the chicken, frying the bacon, and mixing the sliced avocado and veggies together. Once that’s done, drizzle the dressing and sprinkle parmesan cheese on top for the final touch.

This recipe is good for two servings, with each serving containing a healthy 6g of net carbs, 48.5g of protein, and 38.3g of fat.

Click here for the full recipe:

Option #2: Keto Creamed Spinach (20 mins)

thanksgiving creamed spinach suitable for keto diet

Who doesn’t love Popeye’s favorite veggie? Spinach is a nutritional powerhouse and staple veggie in the keto world. Some people find cooked spinach to be a bit bitter (thanks to oxalic acid), but with this recipe, you’ll taste nothing but creamy goodness! Add a bit of butter, heavy cream, cream cheese, and some grated parmesan cheese to sauteed fresh spinach, and you have a creamy appetizer in just 20 minutes. 

This recipe serves 4, but we won’t hold it against you if you and your date eat two servings each. Each serving only contains 3.35g net carbs, 6.67g of protein, and 15.17g of fat. Plus, you get a whole bunch of vitamins A, C, and K, and the minerals potassium and magnesium, among other nutrients!

Click here for the full recipe:

Option #3: Keto Deviled Eggs (20 mins) 

Eggs are an exceptional superfood in that they’re rich in healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, which really isn’t surprising at all since both the yolk (yellow part) and albumen (white part) sustain life inside the shell. Eggs aren’t only nutritious, they’re also delicious. Plus, they’re affordable and you can make a super filling meal using just eggs in minutes. 

That said, for this appetizer, eggs are going to be the centerpiece. But instead of yolk alone, we’ll be mixing it up with some avocado, low carb mayo, mustard, and spices. The result? Absolutely divine keto deviled eggs!

Try to stick to one serving though, otherwise, you might not have enough room for the main dish later on! Each serving contains 3.6g of net carbs, 8.8g protein, and 35.8g fat.

Click here for the full recipe:

Option #4: Keto Cauliflower Mash (25 mins)

Featured image for recipe on thanksgiving keto mashed cauliflower

If you’ve been craving for some mashed potatoes, but can’t because you’re on keto, well, you’re in luck. Because now you and your date can have a far healthier alternative – keto cauliflower mash! Each serving contains 3.7g net carbs, 6.3g protein, and 19.4g fat.

This recipe makes 6 servings of rich and creamy mashed cauliflower. Cream cheese, cheddar, and butter make this mash extra creamy. If you don’t tell your date it’s cauliflower, they may even think they’re eating real mashed potatoes – it’s that good!

Check out our recipe here for tips on how to achieve the perfect texture for your mashed cauliflower –

Main course for keto valentines dinner:

And now, we’re ready for our main keto dinner suggestions here:

Option #1: Keto Lamb Kofta with Cauli Tabbouleh (30 mins)

featured image for recipe on keto lamb kofta with cauliflower tabbouleh

This delicious Middle Eastern dish will make your tastebuds feel like they’re on a magic carpet ride! The fat in the lamb meat produces juicy koftas and the rich flavors mixed in the cauliflower tabbouleh will keep you and your date full for hours. Each delicious serving contains only 7.83g net carbs, plus 28.8g protein and 45g fat.

Not a fan of lamb? Feel free to use ground beef, pork, chicken, or seafood. For the best tasting, mouthwatering koftas, choose meat with higher fat content.

Click here for the full recipe:

Option #2: Keto Mushroom Chicken (25 mins)

This creamy chicken mushroom dish looks deceptively simple. But don’t let its basic looks fool you – the potent combination of mushroom, chicken, cream, and spices will leave you craving for more!

Fortunately, each serving only has 7g net carbs, 38g of protein and 39.8g fat, so you can enjoy your date’s company and have a fun-filled dinner, too.

Click here for the full recipe:

Option #3: Keto Chicken Fajita Bowl (20 mins)

If you’re in the mood for some Mexican dinner this valentine’s day, then this chicken fajita is a must. It only takes 20 minutes to make, but oh boy are your tastebuds gonna be in for some surprise! The secret? Some charring on thinly sliced and well-marinated chicken breasts!

This protein-rich meal will certainly leave you and your dinner date satisfied, with each serving giving you 53.8g of protein, 16.4g of fat, and only 6g net carbs.  

Click here for the complete recipe:

Option #4: Keto Shrimp Chowder (20 mins)

Sipping on a warm cup of broth is always nice, especially when it’s a bit chilly outside. But if you’ve ever tried to make broth from scratch (like this collagen-rich bone broth), you know it’s a labor of love. Making broth can take upwards of 6 hours of patient simmering, with the broth typically tasting better the longer it’s left in the cooker.

That said, for this 5.1g net carb soup to be done in 20 minutes, you need to have some broth ready, either from a can or from some leftover broth in your fridge. Then it’s just a matter of sauteing the shrimp and scallions, and then adding the rest of the ingredients until the chowder thickens.

Click here for the full keto shrimp chowder recipe:

Option #5: Keto Bread Buns (15 mins)

Featured image for recipe on keto bread buns

I don’t know about you, but I love me some bread when I’m eating chowder (see option #4 above). So, if you feel the same way, this almond flour bread is a must-add to your keto valentines dinner date menu.

Just temper your expectations though because it won’t taste like “real” bread (it’s yeast and gluten-free), but at 4.5g net carbs, I’d say the trade-off in carbs vs taste is worth it. Plus, if you’re pairing it with chowder, it will absorb the flavors nicely. Alternatively, you can also spread some butter, cheese, or peanut butter (the keto-friendly variety, of course) on the buns.

Click here for the full recipe:

Guilt-Free Keto Desserts

Your keto valentines dinner date won’t be complete without some desserts! We’ve compiled a couple of our favorite recipes here:

Option #1: Heart Shaped Chocolates (15 mins)

Ever made homemade chocolate before? Well, you’ll be in for a surprise! This recipe only needs 4 ingredients plus some cute heart-shaped molds. Prep and cook time take no more than 15 minutes, but you will need to pop the whole thing in the fridge for at least 30 minutes so the chocolate can set. Each serving is only 1g net carb. Feel free to an extra serving (or two) if your tummy’s still got room.   

Click here for the full recipe:

Option #2: Dark Chocolate Keto Clusters (10 mins)

Featured image for dark chocolate keto clusters recipe

If you don’t have a mold to make option #1 above, then try this recipe instead! As you can see in the picture, the chocolate clusters come in free form, so you can shape them anyway you like. Each serving does contain 2.2.g net carbs (1.2g more than option #1), but still pretty good especially if you’re in the mood for something bittersweet and crunchy for dessert.

Click here for the complete recipe:

And lastly, some low carb cocktails…

Whether you’re on a romantic or platonic date, here are some low carb cocktail ideas to cap off your keto valentines dinner:

  • Keto hot butter rum (4.3g net carbs)
  • Keto strawberry basil bourbon crash (2.6g net carbs)
  • Keto berry cooler (3.2g net carbs)

Click here for the full recipes:

We hope you enjoy your keto valentines dinner! If you’re also looking for gift ideas for this special occasion, check out our blog post on 10 healthy valentine’s day gift ideas that say you care.

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